Impacting Life Through Legislation

The Law of Life Summit is about policy-making, not law-breaking. The pro-life movement has never been stronger since the overturning of Roe v Wade, but there is still much work to be done. The battle lines are being drawn between pro-life and pro-abortion states. The Law of Life Summits provide legal analysis, state policy, and legislative updates to keep you informed.

The Legislative Arena is Ever-Changing

Currently, there are 14 states banning abortion after the Dobbs decision. State laws are changing rapidly, however, and abortion access is regularly being challenged in many courts. Our current President is committed to doing everything possible to protect access to abortion and “defend a woman’s reproductive rights.”

To be effective, we must understand each state’s policies and be prepared to challenge those that favor abortion. Although a grassroots effort can bring about change, you need to be aware of legal updates and ongoing legislation. Our Law of Life Summits update you on national and local legislation and provide legal analysis.

Coming Soon

We’re putting together a Legal Directory of pro-life legal professionals. Here’s how you can get involved.