We Will Defeat Lawfare! - Law of Life Summit We Will Defeat Lawfare! - Law of Life Summit
John-Henry Westen, editor in chief of LifeSiteNews will join Thomas Brejcha, Chief Counsel with Thomas More Society at an exclusive session during the Naples Summit entitled "Defeating Lawfare". "As the pendulum swings lawfare risks becoming a tit for tat game of political persecution" said Summit founder, Royce Hood. "As the tables turn this dangerous game of persecuting those we disagree with politically destabilizes the fabric of civility and also erodes the integrity of our system of government." Attorneys at the Thomas More Society are fighting on multiple fronts in courtrooms across the country. From peaceful pro-lifers sitting in federal prison to the use of the civil and criminal courts to silence pro-life ministries. The battle is epic and we must win. For its part, LifeSiteNews has been on the frontline of the information war. LSN reporting as revealed numerous instances of injustice perpetrated in courtrooms, in the media and in the hall of government. Join to powerhouse leaders as they discuss strategies for how we will defeat Lawfare! Register at NaplesSummit.com The 2nd Annual Naples Summit will be held on March 20-22 in Naples, Florida.  The Naples Summit includes excursions, community service, trainings, presentations and a keynote lunch.  Participating organizations include Naples own Action for Life which produces events and the local hit show Action for Life TV.  Plus there will be trainings and presentations by Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Leadership Institute, Choose Life Marketing, local and regionally located pregnancy centers and advocates from around the country.