Updates: Fulton’s due date is tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe the time has flown by so quickly.

Each of our other five kiddos have been born about 3 days before they were due.  So Fulton is already breaking records.  Due to no amniotic fluid and because of Fulton’s small size things are a bit different with his pregnancy than with our others.  Tomorrow we have a doctor appointment in the afternoon and from there we will hopefully have a better idea of when he might come.  We’ll post an update as soon as we can.

Fulton’s story has received countless messages, comments, shares and most importantly prayers from people all over the world.  This has been a journey and it has been a blessing to share Fulton’s life with so many wonderful people.

Reflection: Earlier today (in a moment of sorrow) I was reflecting and praying: “Father, if it’s your will please take this cross from us, or give us the strength to carry it.”  But my moments of sorrow never seem to last too long.  After all it’s Holy Week!  Fulton’s life has been a beautiful gift for which we will be forever grateful.  What an incredible blessing it is to possibly see him born during this Holy Week!   And no matter what, this Sunday we celebrate the most incredible gift of all: the Resurrection!

It is also important for me to point out, and I do so with complete confidence; the prayers from each of you and from complete strangers around the world have  helped us to carry this cross!  We have not been alone. Please know while you have prayed for us we have also prayed for you.  And so we truly are united spiritually in prayer!

Last: what a blessing it is that Catholic News Service has picked up Fulton’s Story!  Big thanks to Jennifer Willems at  the Catholic Post in the Diocese of Peoriafor writing such a beautiful and generous article.

Unborn baby with Potter’s syndrome surrounded with love, prayers, music

God bless you all! ~ Royce (and Elise)