Miracle from the Start – how are family copes with the loss of baby Fulton. 

Features exclusive images and footage from Fulton’s birth, funeral and from our frequent visits to St. Clements where he is laid to rest.

Description originally published at YouTube.com/RoyceHood

A short film about the birth and funeral of baby Fulton Joseph. Plus intimate footage of how our family copes with the loss of a baby through our tears, our laughter, our love and most importantly through our faith in God’s will. Miracle from the Start – Remembering baby Fulton.

Our world has been filled with ups and downs since we laid Fulton to rest. From the questions of what if this or what if that, to the astounding joy from our realization that Fulton was a precious little life entrusted to us by God. We are so proud to be his family. And we are proud to share these very intimate moments captured on video to all of Fulton’s friends and beyond. Perhaps this story will help others in need of strength. If we could convey just one message through our witness it would be that every human life is a gift to be treasured and loved.

This video showcases part of our journey from the birth, funeral and visits to where Fulton is buried. Although producing this video brought out a number of strong emotions, we wanted to share these moments for the benefit of others. And ultimately Fulton continues to bring our family great joy. We were so blessed to have him with us for nine months.

For anyone who doesn’t know: Fulton Joseph was with us for 9 months in utero. He was named after the Venerable Fulton Sheen and after Saint Joseph. Fulton was diagnosed with Potter’s Syndrome (no kidneys or bladder) during his 20 week ultrasound. He was not expected to live more than a few hours after birth. Thousands of people around the world joined with our family in praying for a miracle. At the 39 week ultrasound Fulton was alive and well. During that ultrasound we were able to capture our first 3d ultrasound from during the entire pregnancy. Because of Potter’s Syndrome there was no amniotic fluid. This made past imaging efforts very difficult. At the 39 week ultrasound we captured an incredible image of Fulton’s little face along with what resembles the Blessed Mother. The ultrasound image and video appears in the video. This image brought our family great comfort in knowing that everything was going to be done according to God’s will.

Fulton was still born a week later, 2 days past his due date on April 2, 2021 (Good Friday). Our medical team suggested that he likely passed away a week early (which would have been right after the 39 week ultrasound). Although we didn’t receive the miracle we wanted we did receive the miracle we needed. Fulton was taken from the womb to Heaven. He didn’t suffer at all. Fulton was surrounded by his loving family for the entire 9 months he was here.

As a family we regularly visit Fulton who is buried a short distance from our home. We speak of Fulton every day and ask him to intercede for us when ever we pray. Our kids know Fulton as their little brother who is in Heaven. Every life is a gift. Please join us as we pray for all those who may be suffering from a crisis pregnancy or from a pregnancy with medical complications. We ask for the intercession of Fulton Sheen and St. Joseph that God may grant the wisdom to all mothers and fathers to protect the sanctity of life. Read more about Fulton Joseph at FultonJoseph.com. Feel free to share our story, our videos or Fulton’s Song if you think it may help any person facing a difficult pregnancy.

Credits: Produced by Royce Hood on behalf our entire family. Footage includes a collection of images, video clips and screen shots from our journey carrying Fulton to term, his death, funeral and our visits to where he is buried.

We want to thank St. Jude Catholic Parish in Dunlap, Illinois. In particular Fr. Henahan, Father O’Brien (who celebrated mass for Fulton’s Funeral) and the Sisters who provided beautiful singing during Fulton’s funeral (Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist). Hope they don’t mind but I lifted Father’s homily and the sister’s singing from the official St. Jude Youtube Channel. Sorry!

Finally thank you to all of Fulton’s friends for your prayers, love and friendship. A full list of all of Fulton’s friends may be found here: https://eclient.app/lawlife/2021/04/2… Fulton’s story is found at FultonJoseph.com