Schaumburg |

Pro-life leaders, lawyers and activists from around the country held the first ever Law of Life Summit in Schaumburg, Illinois (July 27-28, 2022).  The so called Schaumburg Summit included a firehose session, panels, workshops, networking and the Celebration of Life Dinner and Concert.

The Law of Life Summit is generally held in Washington, D.C.,but also also been held in Naples, Florida and in San Francisco.  A typical Law of Life Summit usually runs about 3 hours.   The Schaumburg Summit was held over the course of 2-days and included over 30 nationally recognized pro-life leaders, dozens of pro-life organizations from across the country and nearly 200 hundred guest attendees.

“The Schaumburg Summit was an opportunity to discuss substantive legal issues emerging since the historic Dobb’s decision,” said attorney Peter Breen who is Senior Counsel and Vice President for the Thomas More Society based out of Chicago. “From abortion tourism to vandalism on pregnancy centers the challenges ahead provide an opportunity for the pro-life movement to win hearts and minds.”  Attorneys Tom Brejcha and Martin Cannon also from the Thomas More Society joined Peter Breen for two-legal panels dedicated to post-Dobbs cases and legal matters.  Further Peter was a guest panelist for the LifeSiteNews panel.  Thomas More Society also hosted over 150 guests for a cocktail hour just before the Celebration of Life Dinner and Concert.