I’m excited to announce the 2nd Annual Naples Summit, a pro-life retreat with excursions, trainings, community service and expo. For all my friends in the north, consider joining us for some nice Florida weather!

WHEN: March 20-22 
WHERE: New Hope Church, Naples, Florida 

  • Excursions to network with leaders and supporters (plus have a little fun and adventure);
  • Retreat to reinvigorate your focus and inspire your work with church and worship opportunities; 
  • Pro-Life Pep Rally with students from Ave Maria University to give witness to the future leaders of the movement; 
  • Community Service – take a tour a Maternity Home and see a Mobile Pregnancy Unit. We will also be including some traditional conference tracks including: 
  • Trainings and panels covering a range of topics including: best practices for pregnancy centers; sidewalk advocacy training; state policy and strategy and a legal forum. 

The Naples Summit will also feature an expo, the traditional Law of Life Summit firehose session and a keynote panel. 

The Naples Summit will feature an assembly of pro-life advocates from all across the nation for a time of learning, fellowship, and revitalization. It’s not your typical conference; we’re all about building connections and energizing our spirit as we march forward for the dignity of human life. 

If you’re a passionate pro-life leader, this summit is made for you. I can’t wait to meet you there!

For Life!

2nd Annual Naples Summit, March 20 to 22, 2024