Fulton’s Song – available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify (with more streaming services coming soon)!

  I am so excited to announce that Fulton’s Song has been released for digital distribution.  Fulton’s Song is now available for download and streaming via iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and other major streaming services.   I am also testing ways to make Fulton’s Song and other songs that I’ve written available for direct download from my website, RoyceHood.com.

June 12, 2021 is the day we celebrate the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Elise prayed the rosary everyday during her pregnancy for Fulton.  We are certain Our Lady interceded so that our dear Fulton would not suffer.   Our prayers were truly answered.  I cannot think of a better day to make Fulton’s Song available to the world.  

Our hope is that Fulton’s Song, and indeed Fulton’s story, may continue to touch hearts.  Our little guy brought countless people to prayer and inspired countless others to see the beauty of God’s creation.   From conception we are each unique individuals made in the image and likeness of God.   Fulton’s Song, with his little heartbeat, forever embodies our love and respect for the dignity of the human person.   So it is with great excitement that we announce that Fulton’s Song is now available for the world to hear across all major streaming platforms.   Please help us to generate some buzz and feel free to share the following links.   

iTunes Store: https://music.apple.com/us/album/fultons-song-single/1571745768 

If you have Amazon Alexa just say “Alexa, play Fulton’s Song by Royce Hood.”

Other ways to hear Fulton’s Song: Many people have asked if a download or CD version will be available.  The answer is yes!  I am working to add a download feature for Fulton’s Song directly at RoyceHood.com and here at FultonJoseph.com (coming soon).  Further, we’ll also be offering Fulton’s Song on CD with a limited production run for those who maybe interested.  Details coming soon!  In the meantime please be sure to check out Fulton’s Song on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other streaming platforms.   I’ll post a complete distribution list in the coming days. 

God Bless,