March 16, 2021 | FultonJoseph Updates.  We’ve received hundreds of emails and comments from people all over the world.  It’s been incredibly uplifting knowing that so many people are praying for us and for baby Fulton.

At Elise’s 37 week ultrasound we were able to capture some beautiful imagines of baby Fulton Joseph’s face.  We also received some encouraging news.  Fulton has grown about 1lb since the 35 week ultrasound.  He currently weights about 3.15lbs (up from 2.14 just 2 weeks ago).  This is the most significant growth he has demonstrated in at least 6 weeks.   Holding out hope for a miracle.  Praying hard.  Also we wanted to thank everyone reading this for their kindness, fellowship and prayer.  Here is a little 30 second video from the 37 week ultrasound.

Please keep in mind: due to Potter’s Syndrome there is little to no amniotic fluid.  The amniotic fluid is generally require to capture better imaging.

Is Fulton Smiling? Seems like he is saying smiling for all of his new friends. God Bless you all!

Royce & Elise