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The 2nd Annual Naples Summit will be held March 20 to 22 in Naples, Florida.

  • Wednesday: Excursions and Ave Maria Meetup / Rally
  • Thursday: New Hope Church will host the Naples Summit expo with pro-life trainings, seminars and workshops.  Topics include winning ballot initiatives, pregnancy center best practices, sidewalk advocacy training, plus media and legal panels.   Full program to be announced right here and via @LawOfLifeSummit
  • Friday: A limited number of guests will be able to bring gifts to moms and babies at the Sunlight Home in Naples.  Followed by the Law of Life Summit firehose and keynote lunch at New Hope Church.

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Confirmed Speakers & Participating Organizations 

Featuring local and national representatives and leaders from across the spectrum of pro-life ministries.

Florida Leaders & Representatives: 

  • Father Michael Orsi, Action for LifeTV (Naples)
  • Scott Baier, CEO of Community Pregnancy Clinics (Naples)
  • Pam Stenzel, Community Pregnancy Clinics (Naples)
  • Beau Heyman, Executive Director, First Care Women’s Clinic (West Palm Beach)

National / International Leaders & Representatives:

  • Dena Espenscheid, Senior Director of Coalitions, Leadership Institute (Virginia)
  • Nelly Roach, Founder and President of Choose Life Marketing (Missouri)
  • Nate Robertson, Vice President, Sidewalk Advocates for Life (org based out of Texas) )
  • Linda Freire, Regional Programs Manager, Sidewalk Advocates for Life (org based out of Texas)
  • Lisa Barnett, Executive Producer for the new Abby Johnson film, Unthinkable (all the way from Canada)
  • More to Be Announced soon!

Plus Special Guests:

Introducing special guest, Jean Davis, who was introduced on the national stage at the 2024 March for Life.  Jean is the author of the book Breaking Chains Against All Odds, How God Rescued Me from 20 Years of Sex Trafficking.  Jean is also the executive director of Branches Pregnancy Resource Center (Vermont).

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