The Law of Life Summit

Founded in 2011 by Royce Hood when we was a law student at Ave Maria School of Law.   Mr. Hood teamed up with Dr. Pat Castle from the LIFE Runners and Father Michael Orsi (former Chaplain of AMSL) to host the first Summit in Washington, D.C.

Today we are dedicated to bringing together pro-life leaders, students and activists to create measurable and achievable objectives for defending the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

We strive to encourage a forum of collaboration between pro-life leaders and organizations while also fostering the future leadership of the movement.

The Summit is different from other conventions or rallies as we offer an intimate, yet action-packed atmosphere where participants can network, inspire and share.

Washington, D.C.

The Law of Life Summit (Washington, D.C.) is hosted annually in January and in conjunction with the March for Life. The Summit was created in 2011 and officially launched in January of 2012.

The 2018 Law of Life Summit will be held in Washington, D.C.

San Francisco, CA.

The Law of Life Summit “West Coast” was first introduced in January of 2014 and hosted in San Francisco in conjunction with the West Coast Walk for Life (2014 and  2015).

There will not be a Law of Life Summit held in San Francisco in 2018.


We are gearing up for the ability to host Summits in any location where there is a gathering of pro-life leaders and activists. If you are interested in booking a pro-life speaker or hosting a Law of Life Summit in conjunction with your gathering, please inquire today.

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