Thank you for participating in the 2015 Law of Life Summit (DC & San Fran)!

Wow, what a whirlwind!  If you participated in the 2015 Summit – thank you.  If not, we hope you will consider participating next year.  Here is a very brief and general recap of the 2015 Summit (DC and San Fran):

The 2015 Law of Life Summit officially came to a close on January 24 in San Francisco with a special guest speaker – Abby Johnson.  Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) hosted the San Francisco Law of Life Summit – which was held after the West Coast Walk for Life.

Film students from John Paul the Great Catholic University filmed the Walk fro Life and Summit (a short video will be coming soon which will be released by sponsor LLDF).   Summit Speakers included David Bereit from 40 Days for Life,  Lauren Muzyka from Sidewalk Advocates for Life (who also spoke in DC) and many more.  Dr. Patrick Castle and his pro-life team with Vitae Foundation and Life Runners kept pace and contributed to the forward momentum of both Summits.  First time speaker Danica Sun, a law student at Ave Maria School of Law also participated.

During the Washington, D.C. Summit – which was part of the MFL Law Conference – special and unexpected guests included Rep Dan Lipinski (IL), and Patrick Kelly, the Chairman of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund.  Some new faces were introduced during the DC Summit, including Kevin Cieply who is the new President and Dean of Ave Maria School of Law, and Monsignor Frank McGrath who is the new Chaplain of Ave Maria School of Law.

A tradition of the DC Summit has been the conferral of the Nail Award, created by Royce Hood’s grandfather James Metzger.  The award is a replica of the crucifixion nail used on Jesus Christ’s feet.  The recipients of this years award were Tom Brejcha from Thomas More Society and Mary Wagner a pro-life activist who has been jailed in Canada.

The Summit seeks to unite Media and Law as tools to create a culture of life.  To that end the Summit was pleased to include Jason Jones from Movie to Movement who talked about his work with major movies that impact culture.  Jason is involved with an upcoming film from the producers of Bella called Little Boy.  Jason and Royce are also working with Catholic Witnesses on a film called Sing a Little Louder – which is a short movie based on the story originally published by pro-life activist Penny Lea.   Another pro-life media icon – Lila Rose presented and shared with the audience details on her latest work including the short youtube movie “What is Human.”

The Summit was also pleased to include law student Sean Maguire who is the President of Law Students for Life at Liberty University College of Law.  Special guests in the audience included Susan Stein from Heartbeat Records.  The DC Summit was closed by pro-life activist and attorney John Jakubczyk also a first time speaker.


Moving Forward:

This next year we will be posting exclusive invitations and general details for various pro-life events.  Be sure to check back often.  Often, please follow us on twitter: @LawofLifeSummit.

For Life,


Royce Hood, Esq

Law of Life Summit Team



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